Business Working Better For 20 Years 

My name is William Martin and I set up Pinnacle to deliver performance and add value to people, businesses and organisations of all sizes.  I  have run businesses across the world and am an international financier, manager, speaker, trainer and author. 

Through personal experience I understand the different ways in which people, businesses and economies work and the different ways in which they affect each other across the world. I speak from practical experience.

For over 20 years, I managed ethnically (and often geographically) diverse teams in different parts of the world. Areas of personal experience include customer service, business development, international trade services and operations. 

As a lender and operations manager, I'm experienced in both financial and operational risk assessment, process analysis and and am an author on business finance. 

I have proven experience in training, business continuity planning and working with regulators from Asia to the Caribbean.

Building business, managing change, turning businesses around, integrating businesses, bringing new products to market and system implementation have been a daily part of my career. I'm used to making things work better in challenging circumstances and in different countries and to delivering quality results within tight deadlines.

Projects already completed for clients include:

  • Career coaching and mentoring
  • Identifying sales channels for new businesses
  • Reviewing finance packages for construction companies
  • Advising entrepreneurs on finance
  • Reviewing operating processes
  • Reviewing and identifying Operating Risk and devising tools to manage it
  • Leading a strategic re-alignment of a large UK bank's corporate banking function