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Do you... wonder where to go next?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a pinnacle as a "culmination" or "climax". Every business and organisation reaches its own pinnacle of performance and this pinnacle grows higher as time passes, or can even be in a different place than when it first started.

Below any pinnacle is a larger mass, representing the people, processes and systems that make a business what it is. Once a business reaches its pinnacle the only way that it can go is down unless it finds another to climb.

Pinnacle's solutions are about:

Managing Change: introducing change, getting it accepted and then making it happen on time and on budget.

Finance: speak confidently and knowledgeably with accountants, finance directors, bankers and investors by"knowing your numbers".

People: hiring and developing, paying and motivating, team-building and dealing with other cultures.

Processes: doing what you do as efficiently and effectively as you can.

Risk: identifying and managing financial and operational risks.

Strategy: where should your business or organisation be going, given what's "out there". 

Systems: understanding all your systems, how they support your business or organisation's objectives, and how to re-align them as needed.

I guide you  in making sure that you are at your own pinnacle or have identified the next one to climb.I workyou, the client, to understandyourbusiness or organisation and whereyouwant it to go.  We work together to build a plan and then to make it happen.

With more than 20 years experience of managing businesses, I'll lead you through:

  • Analysing your current situation
  • Identifying "gaps"
  • Developing a workable solution
  • Implementing a solution

You'll understand how different elements all come together to make your business work. 

I understand that what makes any company are its Strategy, Systems, Processes and, most importantly, its PEOPLE.

Meshing in with this are Sales and Marketing, Risk Management and Finance, HR, IT and Legal functions.  Changes in one mean changes in the others.

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