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More enquiries for my training workshops – things are good!

Sadly, the new ‘Delta’ variant of the coronavirus seems to have slowed the world’s recovery and the pace of vaccinations remains variable. Have you read my articles about what I’ve learnt for the future?

There’s discussion online about whether employers should pay for expenses incurred for Working from Home (WFH). What’s your view? Both sides stand to gain from these arrangements, but what’s the ‘right’ balance?

It’s always great to be praised for doing the job we’re paid for – but is it right? After all, ‘It’s what they pay us for.’

Due to the coronavirus pandemic. people have been working from home (WFH) or even leaving their jobs and setting up on their own or joining other employers.

WFH Expenses

Praise for Doing Our Job?

Managers as Referees

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