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Restrictions continue to lift, we see more flights in and out of the country where we’re based and we now no longer need to wear masks in ‘open areas’. The national vaccination programme continues with younger children being inoculated. Perhaps by September, our land borders may be open as well.

Every organisation has its rules. The bigger the organisation, the more it’s likely to need them. Whilst we’re great at inventing new rules, we sometimes forget to look at the older ones and ask whether they’re still relevant and ‘fit for purpose’. If not, let’s dump them and do ourselves a favour.

Managing performance is never easy, but one thing that makes it harder is if there are no consequences for the ‘wrong’ behaviour (let alone the ‘right’ behaviour’). How do we make sure that we achieve balance whilst moving things forward and developing our people?

Being known as a ‘quitter’ is something we’re all taught is ‘bad’ at an early age. The downside is that this can lead to dangerous stubbornness and leading one’s team or organisation into disaster. Sometimes it’s OK to quit if we can see things are going nowhere (or the wrong way).

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